Tuesday 25-01-2022

Investigation of damages

Only the knowledge of the cause of damage could set you in the position to avoid or minimize the risk of damages in the future.To find the cause of damage is strongly dependant on the age of the damage and how exactly the surrounding of the damaged component could get analyzed. The older the damage the more difficult it would be to analyse the reason for. Therefore it is very important to for us to get as many information as possible. In cooperation with you we could combine our knowledge of systematic analysis of damages with your knowledge of the environment of the damaged component. By this means we come very quickly to a conclusion and to a solution of the problem. 

In the field of systematic failure and damage analysis we have many years of experience and we could support you with following:

Investigation of materials by means of
         o Light microscopy
         o Electronic microscopy
         o Mechanical test methods
         o Thermo analytically methods
         o Chemical tests
         o Permeation tests
Evaluation of the processing
Investigation of long term properties
Systematically failure and damage analysis

We could support you for the analysis of the cause of damages and the avoiding or minimizing of damages in the future:

Together with you we analyse the damage and the environment
Development of a damage hypothesis
Definition of the methods together with you
Investigation of the damage
Discussion of the results
Evaluation of our hypothesis

Development of a systematic process to minimize or avoid damages in the future.