Thursday 26-11-2020


NIKK is the address for all questions related to plastics and other materials. We are an independent private Institute with more than 20 years international experience. This experience is based mainly on:

• Production and development of plastics
• Extrusion, compression moulding, injection moulding of plastics
• Processing of plastics
          o in the tank construction
          o corrosion protection of steel and concrete
          o CNC-machining
          o pipe construction (industrial pipe work, civil engineering)
          o digital printing
• Corrosion inspection
• Permeation of gases and liquids
• Statically calculations
• Thermo dynamical calculations

NIKK had gained his knowledge in different companies and applications: i.e. in the chemical industry, the galvanic industry, the pickling industry and the microelectronic industry. NIKK wants to support you with knowledge of plastics and other materials in the field of engineering, the damage analysis and projects.
For the damage analysis we are having close relationships with well experienced, certificated and independent institutes To guarantee the high quality of our advice and technical support we only work together with non-commercial institutes and independent laboratories. Only in this way we could establish independent survey reports.