Wednesday 15-06-2022

Corrosion protection of steel and concrete

Corrosion of steel and concrete constructions costs our society billions of Euros per year. As a result of this corrosion protection is a serious and important filed of our engagement. Dependent on the geometry, the environment and the material variable protection methods were established. You will find ruber linings, coatings with thickness over 1 mm, coatings in the range of several 50 µm up to thermoplastic linings. Thermoplastic linings could be glued or mechanically fixed.

We could assist you on following fields:

Assistance and project work of corrosion protection systems
                  o Rubber lining
                  o Reactive resins (UP-, VE-, EP-, PU-Systems)
o Flake-glass- coating
Corrosion investigations
•  Investigation of existing protections and evaluation of the quality and protective effect.
•  Assistance for applying