Wednesday 15-06-2022

Mechanical methods

Mechanical investigation methods are very significant but the investigated component has to be destroyed. For the investigation it is a must to have a sufficient part of the component for all of the planned investigations. If we have not the possibility to destroy the component alternative investigation methods have to be taken into account. In several cases it could also be possible to remove a part at that location where a repair could easily be performed.

We could offer you the following test methods:

• Mechanical test methods by means of tensile test machine
          o Yield strength
          o E-Modulus (Long and short term)
          o Yield stress
          o Fracture strength
          o Elongation at break
• Weld strength, weld factor
• Adhesive strength
• Sheer strength
• FNC-test (full-notch-creep-test) only for thermoplastics
• 2NC-test