Wednesday 15-06-2022

Production of Thermoplastics

Thermoplastic materials are becoming more prevalent in different industrial applications but also for consumer products. Dependent on the quantity, the construction and the thermoplastic material itself different production methods were established in the market:

• Extrusion and Pultrusion are used for the production of sheets and profiles when big quantities are needed.
Compression moulding was used for small quantities
• Injection moulding was used for big quantities and smaller components. To date components with a weight from more than 100 kg could be produced.

We could assist you on the following fields:

Advice to chose the right production method
Extrusion of sheets, pipes and profiles
• Compression moulding of sheets
• Injection moulding
• Mechanical treatment: milling, turning, drilling, cutting, sawing, laser treatment, water jet treatment.