Wednesday 15-06-2022

Fibre reinforced plastics

Fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) were mostly used when high mechanical loads in combination with light weight exists and a high amount of safety is needed. As a result of this FRP was often used in the chemical industry, the pickling industry, the galvanic industry and in aerospace.

Based on our experience we could assist you on the following fields:

• Static calculations
• Thermodynamic calculations
• Investigation of chemical and thermal resistivity
• Calculations for tanks and apparatus constructions with and without thermoplastic inliner acc. to AD Merkblatt 2000 N1
• Supporting of projects of pipe works acc. to DIN 16964
• Support to projects of civil engineering
• Hydraulic calculations
• Pressure loss calculations
• Laminating in hand layup and winding
• Evaluation and assistance of recipes special for big wall thickness
• Repair of components
• Evaluation of energy balance and sustainability
• Evaluation of welding methods and education