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The MC-test or methylene chloride test is used for measuring the gelation (uniform melting) of PVC after the extrusion process. In the case PVC will be attacked by methylene chloride then the PVC is not sufficient plasticized.

MEKP (methyl ethyl ketone) is a peroxide and is used as a harder for thermosets like polyester resin. One will find it also in the polymerisation process of thermoplastic raw materials.

Melting point
The melting point is defined as the phase transition from solid to liquid.
For polymers often exist no defined melting point but a region where a polymer melts. Crystalline or partly crystalline polymers were often characterized by the crystalline melting point.

Microscopic examinations
One distinguish between different microscopic examinations:
- Stereo microscopy: Examination with lower magnification (1.5 – 64x).
- Reflected light microscopy
          - The specimen is observed at the surface
          - Magnification up 1000x
- Transmitted light microscopy
          - The light transmit through the sample
          - Examination of transparent or very thin samples (thickness 8 – 20 µm)
          - Magnification up to 1000x
- Electron microscope
          - The surface of a specimen will be scanned with an electron beam and the reflected electrons were measured in a energy dissipative   analyser. This signal provides an image of the surface with a very good depth of sharpness.
By means of special detectors the chemical composition could also be measured: EDX (Energy Dispersive X-Ray analysis)

A monomer is a small molecule used as a raw material for production of a polymer. e.g. the monomer of polyethylene is ethylene.

MRS is the abbreviation of Minimum Required Strength. It is a measure of the pressure strength of a pipe as a function of temperature and time. Normally it is measured at 20° C in water. E.g. the MRS from modern PE 100 is 10 MPa at 20° C in water and a service life of 100 years.

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